Recommended Spanish Books & Apps

We've investigated the most popular Spanish books and Spanish mobile apps. Have a look through our recommendations below and let us know if you have any more you think we should add!

Spanish Books

We use many Spanish textbooks in our classes, but if you’re thinking of buying a Spanish study book to use in your own studies at home, below are some of our favourites.

Thinking of doing a DELE exam? Bravo! We have helped many students pass DELE exams. If you’re looking for some good Spanish books to study at home see below.

"El Cronometro" Books

This is the gold standard for DELE studying. We highly recommend it.

We teach children from age 5 all the way to 18. And we offer a 10% discount for all under 18s. Below are some of our favourite (and most popular!) children’s Spanish books.

"Clan 7" Books

This is a brilliant range for kids. Choose whichever book is best suited your child’s level.

Edexcel GCSE Spanish

As the name suggests, this is for GCSE level Spanish studies. It’s great!

Spanish Study Apps

Below are our favourite Spanish learning applications for iPhones.

Below are our favourite Spanish learning applications for Android Phones.

Below are our favourite Spanish learning applications for Windows Phones.

Students Spanish Film Library

This library has the teachers’ favourite Spanish language films and it is free for students of Spanish and Coffee. Simply browse and request the film you want to watch and your teacher will bring it to your next lesson!

Give Spanish as a gift!

What better gift than giving a language - that will last a lifetime. Our beautifully printed vouchers are sent 1st Class same day if ordered before 3pm.

Do you know your Spanish level?

Try our quick and fun online Spanish test and get a sense of what Spanish level is!

See you at our next Spanish Social Event?

Our Spanish Social Events are for our students to be exposed to Spanish outside of their lessons. They’ve proven very popular and help with learning and confidence building - and they're a fun way to meet new friends too!

Upcoming Spanish events